Ricka Kohnstamm


Ricka Kohnstamm is deeply committed to healthy families and as part of her practice, through Align Whole Health (add link www.alignwholehealth.com), she works within family systems to alleviate the isolation and shame that often accompany primary and secondary trauma.

She is a voracious traveler and has recently added Uruguay and Argentina to her “most loved countries” list. Over the years, she has visited orphanages in India Hong Kong, China, and Uganda and refugee camps along the Thai border and in western Uganda. She believes in the power of education to transform young people’s lives and is a lead sponsor of Kapadia Education Foundation, which grants tuition scholarships for post-secondary education for young people in developing countries.

Ricka focuses her leadership efforts on organizational capacity building through consulting and also through serving on boards. She thrives on working with senior level leaders to create cooperative work environments that increase organizational effectiveness.

She had her husband Josh have three wonderful, interesting grown children who live in Boston, MA, Washington DC, and Breckenridge, CO.