Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments

A Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessment is a clinical exam for fostered, kinship care, and adopted children. The assessment includes:

  • Child's family, medical, and developmental history
  • Medical exam including blood work
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) screening and discussion of other prenatal exposures
  • Developmental skills (cognitive, social, and behavioral) screening
  • Mental health screening, and intervention or referral

Who should be seen for a Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessment?

All children who have experienced adoption and foster or kinship care:

  • Temporary or permanent
  • Immediately or years after transition
  • Apparently healthy
  • Worried about mood, development, behavior, or physical health
  • Prenatal substance of alcohol exposures
  • Child is small short, or overweight
  • At the time of out-of-home placements

To shcedule a comprehensive child wellness assessment at the Discovery Clinic please call: 612-365-6777

For general questions please call: 612-624-1124 or email