How to make the most of your Preadoption Medical Review

You've uploaded your file for a preadoption medical review - now what?

Best way to contact Adoption Medical Review administrative office:

  • Email us at Email is monitored 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  • If it is urgent after hours, weekends or a holiday, contact

Uploading more information:

  • At any time, you may upload more information, updates or questions to be reviewed. We recommend it!
  • Log back in to your account to upload your document(s). PDF's are preferred over Word documents. 
  • If you have problems uploading anything, please email it to so we may upload it for you.

How to submit questions to reviewers:

  • Log into the system, click on Update Existing, under Status click on Reviewed/View Responses. Click on Post a question for the reviewer in regards to this response, type your response and click on Submit.
  • Reply to an email they sent you and your reply will be sent to During business hours, someone will forward your email to the physician reviewer on call. If there are urgent concerns or questions, you can try contacting the clinic director at her personal email
  • Or, type your questions and upload them to the log as an pdf attachment.
  • Please note that unless you have purchased a 24-hour turnaround or weekend service questions are answered Monday - Friday.

What to do before you travel:

Regarding Google Drive, Dropbox, etc:

  • It is best if you upload everything to your account on our website log. Sometimes our reviewers cannot access these platforms, and the University of Minnesota does not recommend them for sharing medical data.
  • If you have any issues with uploading anything (including large files), please contact us at