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Provider with Asian child

While we aren't an adoption agency and cannot make agency recommendations, our specialists and information contained on this site help answer those initial questions you have about a child who will one day be referred to you. We will help you gain a better understanding of the health risks of that child and whether you have the resources to provide for that child’s needs.

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Assessing the Health Needs of a Child From Afar

Adoption can be a very expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming process. Often, by the time a family receives a referral, they are eager to complete the process and have a child in their arms. But we want children who are adopted to be placed with families who are a good match. We desire to help you make a well-reasoned decision when the time comes—at a point in your life when it likely will be difficult to be dispassionate. No one’s best interests will be served if you accept the referral of a child whose needs are greater than your family’s ability to provide.