Preadoption Consultations

You are just starting the first steps towards your adoption.

You are staring at a piece of paper with 115 medical conditions and you aren't sure how to google all of the medical terms.

  • A preadoption consultation will give you insight into what is commonly encountered in preadoption information, whether international or domestic.
  • Dr. Google is unreliable and difficult to interpret when it comes to what we actually see from different countries -  talk to an expert who can guide you.
  • The more you understand the medical checklist or what you are and are not ready for as a parent, the easier it will be to match your information together with a child that you are prepared to parent.

If you have questions about where you would like your adoption journey to take you, we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions and fee information

Dr. Eckerle performing consultationAn informal, but informative, appointment with Dr. Judith K. Eckerle. She will discuss with you the potential long-term consequences of the diseases and diagnoses on your referral worksheet. This is a general adoption consultation to clarify the types of issues we see for the listed conditions, by country prior to receiving a child referral. If you have specific information on a child, you will need to do a preadoption medical review which will follow with you through the process with that particular child. Preadoption consultations are done by phone, Skype, Google hang-out, or in our offices. 

The preadoption consultation costs $300 for a full hour session with Dr. Eckerle.

  1. Pay the Preadoption Consultation fee
  2. Create a profile or log into the system
  3. Click on Additional Services
  4. Select Preadoption Consult
  5. Fill out the form, please put the adoption country in Additional Information
  6. Select Submit

You will receive an email from to schedule the preadoption consultation once both the fee and the form have been submitted.