Preadoption Medical Reviews

A Preadoption Medical Review is a full review, by a medical doctor, of the information you receive in a referral. Preadoption Medical Reviews are completed within 24 or 72 hours, depending on which you choose (the payment options are listed below), this initail fee covers all follow-up questions and updates for this child. The initial review is sent via email. You may then log in and submit any follow-up questions you have, and upload any updates you receive. Every new question and update will be reviewed and you will recieve an email with their responce(s).Judy Eckerle performing a medical review

Once you receive a referral on a child (or children), you can log in, or create an account and upload all of the files you have.

With the personalized attention, unlimited opportunities to interact with the reviewer, and access to multiple specialists around the U of M, the fees for a preadoption medical review are a wise investment for your family. Depending on your required response time, our fees range from $450 - $800.

The fee schedule is:

  • 24-hr medical review ($700 weekdays, $800 weekends* and University of Minnesota holidays)
  • 72-hr medical review ($550 new client, $450 return clients who have used our services w/in the last 6 months)

* Please allow 24 or 72 hours during business days Mon-Fri only. Weekend responses are only done on request and weekend rates start 3:00 p.m. Friday and end 11:59 p.m. Sunday. Holiday rates start 3:00 p.m. the night before the holiday and end at 11:59 p.m. the day of the holiday. 

To submit files for siblings/relatives: Select the box "This child is related to another child I am submitting a medical reivew for today". By selecting that box, you only pay for one preadoption medical review, which covers the reviews of the sibling group. You will still need to create a separate file for each child, so the specific records for each individual child are kept together.

Each Preadoption Medical Review Includes:

  • one-to-one, personalized attention
  • secure online, in-writing responses you can download for your records
  • optional phone call with the reviewer
  • unlimited opportunities to ask questions
  • consultations with additional U of M specialists, as needed
  • consultation assistance while you are traveling to meet your child
  • eligibility to obtain waiver letter to waive waiting period

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How to make the most of your preadoption medical review

Domestic Prenatal Reviews

Domestic Prenatal Reviews

  • 72-hr prenatal medical review with no other follow ups ($300 = 3 day turnaround and file review with initial written report and phone call.) No other followups. 
  • 72-hr prenatal medical review ($550 new client, $450 return clients who have used our services w/in the last 6 months)same as above but also with all future questions and followups that are needed for as long as you are pursuing the referral.
  • 24-hr prenatal review ($700 weekdays, $800 weekends* and University of Minnesota holidays)
You can submit your referral information any time of the day or night. 24-hour or 72-hour response times (business days) are guaranteed. We can also assist you on weekends and holidays - we are with you!

Once the file is submitted, our Medical Reviewer begins to work on the review. Thus, we cannot offer a refund once the review process has begun.

We review and comment on all aspects of the child's referral information: growth, development, infectious disease status, social and medical history, birth parents' social and medical history (if available). We also evaluate their long-term risk for signs of alcohol or other prenatal exposures.


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